Neil Van Drunen, Warwick

Matt was very attentive and thorough with a very important transaction for us, the purchase of our first home. Very reassuring to have Matt paying attention to the details. 

We greatly appreciated his willingness to field multiple questions and requests. He was very professional throughout and I would recommend him.

He made what could have been a stressful process, less stressful and that is something we will always appreciate. Thank you.

Angela Challis, Edgewater

​I can confidently recommend Matt as totally trustworthy and reliable. From mine and Shane’s experiences, you can also feel confident that any advice he may give you will be well thought out and comes from a wealth of knowledge and solid understanding of the current financial trends. He will also happily answer any questions about how he can offer his services for no charge to you  if you are at all concerned about conflicts of interest, etc.

Michael Abbott, Iluka

 Buying/selling property is hard enough without having to chase down everyone involved at every stage of the process or worry about if they have your best interests at heart. I felt that your speed and level of communication were outstanding and that you were transparent and honest about all aspects of your services. I would therefore recommend you to anyone looking to navigate the process of obtaining a home mortgage, thank you again for your professionalism and i look forward to working with you again in the future.